New horizons?


As a long term movie addict, I must admit, up till now the idea of online streaming services has left me cold.  I have been a member of popular by-post rental service ‘Lovefilm’ which has proved a good source for the latest DVD / Blu-ray releases without breaking the bank.  However I still find myself buying certain titles I think would be worthy of my collection, and with a growing interest in TV shows such as Dexter and Breaking Bad … it’s becoming quite expensive to collect all these on DVD / Blu-ray.   Also unlike movies, they take up MUCH MORE room on my shelf.

So we come to Netflix, that much celebrated online streaming-only service, that unlike Lovefilm doesn’t offer postal DVDs, but just purely online viewing.  Now I have an XBOX 360, a Kindle Fire HD and a Blu-ray player that has Netflix built-in … so with saving money in mind and a wealth of TV shows as well as big name (and not so big name) movies to choose from, I thought what the heck, I’ll give that free one month trial a go.

Perhaps expect a few future posts to include Netflix viewed titles.


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