Home Entertainment Setup 2013

Thought I’d post a few pictures of my current home entertainment setup.  You’ll find various folks posting things like this or even doing Youtube videos, and I have often found it enjoyable to check out other people’s gear and how they have things laid out.  Feel free to post your comments and even link to your own setups if you have them anywhere as I would love to see what you fellow movie / tech lovers have to watch your stuff on…

Living Room Setup:  Samsung 40″ LED Television, Sky HD Satellite Service, Pioneer 3D Blu-ray player, Cambridge Audio Amplifier.

Bedroom Setup:  Samsung 26″ LCD, Samsung Laptop, Kindle Fire HD, Apple Ipod Nano.

Bedroom Setup (cont): Sony Playstation 3 Slim, Microsoft XBOX 360 Slim, Sony Audio Centre Amplifier, Toshiba DVD Player, Onkyo CD Player.

Home entertainment and movies, video-games, technology etc have always been a passion of mine and over the years I have built up a very acceptable setup, with access to services such as Netflix, XBOX Live, Sky and various movies and TV on-demand at my fingertips.  It all greatly adds to my viewing and gaming fun, and makes running this blog / website a real pleasure.

Note:  All images taken with the Sony Xperia SP.

New horizons?


As a long term movie addict, I must admit, up till now the idea of online streaming services has left me cold.  I have been a member of popular by-post rental service ‘Lovefilm’ which has proved a good source for the latest DVD / Blu-ray releases without breaking the bank.  However I still find myself buying certain titles I think would be worthy of my collection, and with a growing interest in TV shows such as Dexter and Breaking Bad … it’s becoming quite expensive to collect all these on DVD / Blu-ray.   Also unlike movies, they take up MUCH MORE room on my shelf.

So we come to Netflix, that much celebrated online streaming-only service, that unlike Lovefilm doesn’t offer postal DVDs, but just purely online viewing.  Now I have an XBOX 360, a Kindle Fire HD and a Blu-ray player that has Netflix built-in … so with saving money in mind and a wealth of TV shows as well as big name (and not so big name) movies to choose from, I thought what the heck, I’ll give that free one month trial a go.

Perhaps expect a few future posts to include Netflix viewed titles.