Special Stuff

Thought I’d start this page to give readers an easy access to the more ‘special’ write ups I have done and will be doing in the future.  Follow the links below to go to their subsequent pages.  Enjoy.

My ratings system

Movies I haven’t seen

Garbage – a tribute

Garbage and a dream realised

Beyond a fan-boy’s wildest dreams

Ten of the best

Home Entertainment Set-Up

A Studio Ghibli list

An Alphabet Movie Meme

Videogame completion list

A Decade In Movies – Part One

A Decade In Movies – Part Two

The Kubrick Project: Part One

Spirited-Away-spirited-away-400364_300_192The Kubrick Project: Part Two

The Kubrick Project: Part Three

The Kubrick Project: Part Four

The Kubrick Project: Part Five

The Kubrick Project: Part Six


To Disturb or intrigue?

Star Wars re-visted

Half-Life 2

The Sopranos – an appreciation.

Dario Argento – a reflection

David Lynch – a retrospective