Who am I?

Avatar 2If you clicked on this page I’m sure you are expecting to find something out about the author of this blog.  Well my name is Craig and I’m in my forties (yes I’m keeping it vague).  I have been majorly into movies and video games for a long time and feel I know a decent amount about both.  Although I’d never describe myself as an expert, I do seem to know many answers to movie quizzes and celeb gossip!

My favourite genres in movies tend to be horror and thrillers.  I had a rather obsessive interest in Hong Kong Action Cinema during the nineties, and what I don’t know about Jackie Chan and John Woo really isn’t worth mentioning (maybe).   I also have put my hand to fiction writing and have written several book-length stories.  But as I’m a bit of an egomaniac when it comes to my writing, I rarely show anyone my stuff for fear of them picking it to pieces with me left feeling I’m not really any good at it.

To those that know me in ‘real-life’ I am a kind, supportive friend, a caring and I hope funny & likeable soul.  I am a deep thinker, and I show my emotions easily, and can probably take things to heart … but I am me, and that’s who I am, like it or not.  Oh and yes, that picture above is me, hiding behind a few Blu-rays.

Gaming profiles

Xbox – CraigTheRave

PlayStation – DrunkenSnowman

Nintendo Switch – Snowman75

Movie favourites

Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, Annie Hall, Terminator 2, Leon and Donnie Darko to name but a few!  I also have a love of Japanese Animation, especially from Hayao Myazaki (Spirited Away, Ponyo).

Acting favourites

Jake Gyllanhaal, Edward Norton, Robert Downey Jr, Ellen Page, Leonardo DiCaprio, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, Amy Adams and Marion Cotillard.

Music favourites

Garbage, Placebo, PVRIS, Chvrches, Paramore, Green Day

Gaming favourites

Half-Life 2, Portal 2, Tomb Raider series, Bioshock series, Alan Wake, Enslaved, Mass Effect 2 and Vanquish.

My aim when starting this blog, back in April 2007 was to review every movie I watch, so I can firstly have an archive of my movie opinions, then secondly, share them with the world.   I hope someone out there gets something out of reading my reviews, and perhaps discovers a movie they wasn’t previously aware of, or chooses to watch something based on what I had written about it.  That would give me great satisfaction, and I would feel that beyond doing these reviews as a hobby, they had made a difference to someone’s viewing habits.  That being said, if you find you disagree with my opinions here, feel free to have your say.  I do not profess to being an authority on movies, music or games and what I like someone else may not, and so on.

Until next time,


(updated 17/05/2019)

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