Missing links…

It baffles me some times, as a movie fan the amount of highly regarded movies I just haven’t seen.  With the current buzz surrounding  the Anthony Hopkins starring Hitchcock, I still have yet to view classics such as The Birds and Vertigo.  Only the other night I noticed that the cult favorite 300 was on TV, so have recorded it for some future viewing, as have I the two previously mentioned movies.  Will I actually get around to them?  Who knows.  Sometimes life gets in the way, work, personal stuff, you name it!  Hell, even video game playing with the completion of such titles as Mass Effect 3 and DMC: Devil May Cry in my recent past.

Over the years I have been ticking off those movies from the ‘films I must see before I die’ list in my head, and finally got around to the likes of 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Godfather, Casablanca (erm, expect a review of this one soon, just out on Blu-ray) and Some Like It Hot.  There are possibly many more if I was to put my mind to it, and trawling the likes of IMDB’s top 250 would be a good start.  So apart from the aforementioned movies, what is out there, past, present, classics etc I still would like to see some day, hmm…

A quick list I think…

12 Angry Men

Cool Hand Luke

There Will Be Blood

Barton Fink


Easy Rider

The Wicker Man

… I could go on but for now I’ll stop there.  You can expect some if not all of the above to get full reviews on this site in the months (years?) to come as I do intend on seeing them, eventually.  For now back to blogging and watching stuff that’s probably not as good.


4 thoughts on “Missing links…

  1. I’m exactly the same. There are loads of “classics” that I should have seen that I still haven’t got round too. I also find that when I do finally watch these “must see” movies, they are disappointing, because I’ve got such high expectations for them.


  2. I was starting this path nearly two years ago, waiting for these classic films to come on TV or fall into my lap on DVD. I share what Ben says about expectations, try and go into them with an open mind. I know that for me Citizen Kane was a let down, I was looking for two much. Technically it was revolutionary, and that is where it starts and ends for me. The plot is for me ingratiating, glorifying a figure in the media, which cinema has imitated ever since. Its the imagery alone.
    Anyways don’t rush your journey, look for the hidden gems along the way, where you find an actor/actress in a film you’d never think to find them, your own personal classics.
    I found it amazing to view all these “classic” films, almost eating them up at the speed I sometimes do, but the wait is worth it all the more sometimes.


  3. You should check out Vertigo and The Birds before those other films you mentioned although Cool Hand Luke will make you rethink your egg consumption.

    Mass Effect 3, I am still working my way through Mass Effect 2 lol


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