Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Viewed – 19 January 2013 Blu-ray

OK, this is immediately a bizarre concept, but stick with me.  A young Abraham Lincoln witnesses his mother get killed by a local businessman who turns out to be a vampire.  Abe vows revenge and as he grows into an adult, befriends a vampire hunter whilst at the same time building his reputation as a politician – which I’m sure you’ll have grasped, leads him to The White House.


Directed by Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted) this is a very stylish and highly entertaining vampire action-horror. As should be expected by a movie from the Russian visionary, the action is incredibly imaginative, adrenaline fuelled and at times utterly bonkers – but realism isn’t the point here, and despite clever implementation of historical events such as the battle of Gettysburg, this remained pure escapist cinema of the highest order.  Title star Benjamin Walker handles the material well despite lacking much charisma or screen presence beyond the Lincoln attire, and the gorgeous Mary Elizabeth Winstead is as likable as always even when in aged make-up. Rufus Sewell also makes for a credible, creepy villain.

Yes it gets a bit mad at times, with Bekmambetov’s ideas threatening to overwhelm (a horse stampede parkour sequence??), and its an idea that really shouldn’t work. Yet if you cast your rational thinking and knowledge of American history aside – it just does … and then some. A firm recommendation.

Verdict: 4 /5

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