Hall Pass

Viewed – 09 September 2011  Blu-ray

The Farrelly Brothers have gained quite a reputation for crude but usually very well made comedies, starting out with the classic Dumb & Dumber.  Although I haven’t really followed their career that closely, something about this latest effort sparked my interest.  Two married men (Owen Wilson & Jason Sudeikis), with a habit of checking out attractive women in their wives’ presence, are given a hall-pass, a week off from marriage where they can pursue other women whilst their wives are away.  The two men along with their gang of friends (including brit-comedy star Richard Merchant) then attempt to get laid by any means necessary, but soon discover that things have changed, especially themselves since they were younger.

This at first gentle comedy, with a somewhat slow start, soon turns into a very funny and absorbing journey, filled with priceless moments (the girl in the bathroom for example) that although often crude and juvenile, couldn’t help but make this viewer crack up.  Wilson and Sudeikis make for a likable duo, even if Owen’s bent nose distracted me throughout.  Sudeikis though is obviously a talented comedy star.  The wives, including Christina Appelgate are fine too, but are more like pretty set dressing than anything that will steal the limelight from the men.

It doesn’t do anything new for this kind of comedy, but what matters is that it knows how to hit the viewer and surprise them, even when you think you know how things will turn out.  A solid recommendation.

Verdict:  4 /5

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