Deus Ex: Human Revolution – impressions

I have played each game in the Deus Ex series, and this much-anticipated third instalment has been a long time coming.  Sort of Half-Life meets Metal Gear Solid, with a sprinkling of Blade Runner on the top.  You play as Adam Jenson, a cybernetically enhanced security agent working for Sarrif Industries who must investigate what happened during an attack on his previous employer that ended with the death of a close friend.  Set in a future detroit, you have the freedom to go about missions and side quests in you own way, upgrading your abilities along the way to further enhance and customize your experience.  This is a very deep and expansive game, with tons to see and do, and will no doubt last be a fair while.  Interacting with the environment and the characters is a joy as the world you inhabit seems very alive, aided greatly by an impressive graphics engine with life-like animation and some stunning lighting and other effects.

The story too is quite complex and obviously had some care put into it.  Although you have an arsenal of weaponry at hand though, this is no run and gun shooter either, with the gameplay leaning much more towards stealth and finding hidden areas and different routes through an area.  This is also much of the fun, as discovering different way to approach a given situation can be really absorbing and often I have found the time fly by as I get lost in such a detailed and interesting world.  Having played the previous games, although extremely polished, it still feels very similar and the actual mechanics haven’t really progressed from Deus Ex #1.  Which considering that game is regarded as a masterpiece, I suppose is no real criticism.

So a solid experience then, and although only a little way into it (just reached China) I’m really enjoying it.

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