Internet (in)famous at last?

Ok I was having a bit of a rant over at the Sky official forums recently (for my American readers if unsure, Sky is a satellite TV service).  It was about the revelation that they were about to start charging for using the Sky TV app on my XBOX 360, which had previously been a free service, accessible as part of my existing Sky TV subscription … something they do called ‘Sky Go’ that enables existing customers to watch Sky TV on a mobile device like a phone or tablet, a PC and up to now, a games console (the Sky Go App is coming to the PS4 shortly).  So I decided to have a moan!!

See my rant HERE – I’m called CraigUKGamer on there.

But what really surprised me was how this little, albeit justified rant actually caught the attention of a popular games website I frequent called ‘’.  And what did they do when mentioning this little rant (I was clearly first to the post with it I presume…), well, they only went and quoted me directly!  Wow.  I am beside myself now.  Check out the story HERE.

I sincerely doubt Sky will suddenly change their minds about his new policy, but hey, at least I feel my voice has been heard.

It’s a moral victory.

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