Empire of the Wolves

Viewed – 02 Jan 2009  DVD

Some films you stumble upon purely by accident, and may have gone your life having never seen them or even heard of them.  This is one such film, bought for me as a Christmas present and one I’ve been eager to watch ever since.

French actor Jean Reno, best known for his ice-cool turn as professional hitman Leon, plays a shady retired Cop who becomes involved in a serial killer case when a young hot-shot detective (Jocelyn Quivrin) recruits him, and soon they are knee deep in Turkish mafia, drug smuggling and illegal immigrants.  Parallel to this storyline we have an attractive thirty-something house wife (Arly Jover) who begins to have hallucinations possibly linked to her past and a memory of her present that is slowly disintegrating.  Along the way these two storylines soon converge.

This style-heavy thriller is quite complex and a touch confusing but is helped by good direction from former music video director Chris Nohan, an excellent performance from Jean Reno with some brilliant action set-pieces.  Add to the fact that the story is genuinely gripping, and has plenty of twists to hold your interest through a lengthy running time. 

I am so glad this came into my possession, and is easily recommended.

Verdict:  4 /5

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