Viewed 03 Jan 2008  DVD

You wont come across many films like this, where it starts at the end and gradually goes back-wards – add to this the fact the main character has a problem with short term memory – and you’re ready for one of the most unique dramas around.  Guy Pearce who I still can’t shake as that biker lad from TVs Neighbours, plays a man who after witnessing his wife being attacked and raped by an intruder, is tracing the man responsible by piecing together clues in a battle against time as his memory fades within minutes of him experiencing anything post traumatic event.  Cleverly too he tattoos everything he needs to remember on his body and takes Polarides of other important information. 

This impressive second feature from Dark Knight helmer Christopher Nolan, is a very clever spin on the murder-mystery and is watchable but also quite confusing and tricky to follow.  There’s so many red herrings and loose ends and people taking advantage of this man’s memory problem that you come away wondering ‘What the hell have I just watched?’ despite liking it.  The supporting cast is first rate with a decent Carrie-Anne Moss and an always enjoyable Joe Pantoliano, and nobody is exactly who they seem to be.

Probably a touch too clever for its own good, but if you want to watch something a little bit different, this works well enough…but trying to figure it all out could give you a headache.  Oh and honestly, Guy Pearce really should be doing interesting stuff like this more often.

Verdict:  3 /5

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