Happy 20th anniversary Garbage!


Garbage debutToday (August 15) marks the official 20th anniversary since the debut album by alternative rock pioneers ‘Garbage’ was first unleashed on an un-suspecting industry.  As I have wrote on here several times, Garbage remain my favourite band and over a twenty year career, they have meant more to me than any other.  Their varied and versatile approach to music has created for me some of the most memorable and interesting songs I’ve heard, and the 1995 début is packed full of stand outs such as Only Happy When It Rains, Vow and Stupid Girl.  I went into much more detail about my love for this band on my tribute HERE, but for now fans and music enthusiasts alike can look forward to an imminent re-issue of the album that will come in special packaging and on two CDs that houses a re-mastered version of the original album and all the b-sides and remixes that came out around that time.  The album will also be released on Vinyl.  This will then lead up to the celebratory ’20 Years Queer’ tour that kicks off in America in October before heading to Europe.

Exciting times for any fan of this multi-talented band.

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