It’s my birthday!!

Today I reached the grand old age of 35!  Yes, 35 years on this planet, 35 years of me and my funny little ways and geeky hobbies.  Well today is also Remembrance Sunday, where we remember all those that fort and lost their lives in the various conflicts the world over.  It’s also Prince Charles’ birthday!  All in all, good company to keep on this day, I think!

I had money off friends in work, had happy birthday sang to me both on Friday and today, and have two cakes to eat (although the one from work is now fully digested!!).  Presents-wise, I had the autobiography of Simon Pegg, which considering I don’t read all that often, promise myself to actually sit down and read!!  And a little game called Call Of Duty Black Ops, of which you’ll get the usual impressions soon.

Tonight I’m going to be watching the Blu-ray of Back To The Future #1, which will form another segment to my impending Back To The Future Trilogy review.  All in all, I good time will be had by all.

May I also take this time to thank any viewers and those that comment on this blog, as you are all valued and make the time I put into this, very worth while!

Bye for now.


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