Come ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ me and a thank you…

thumbs-and-ammo-5To anyone just passing through, or regular visitors who haven’t taken the time to check it out… I am also on Twitter (@CraigUK1975) and Facebook, where you can find my mindless rambling and regular links to the posts here at Craig’s Movie Report.

Your interest in this blog as well as the social network pages above drive me and make this movie reviewing hobby so much more than simply that … a hobby.  I feel like I have an audience these days and that is fantastic.

Thanks to everyone and anyone who takes time to read my stuff, post comments etc.  It means more than I can say in words.  You rock!

A few new things…

Just been having a think… this blog has been going since 2007.  Do we all like the current look and style?  It’s gone through a few themes and I think this latest one that I have kept for a while now, is nice, minimalist but effective.  Never want the look of the blog to overwhelm the actual content, which is the focus, so hope it’s to most people’s liking.  To give the blog a bit more of a personal touch, I’ve renamed it ‘Craig’s Movie Report‘.  Does that work?  I’d love to read your comments, advice, pointers on how to make this blog the best it can be, and will be looking to add a few things here, change things but only in a subtle way… polishing it you could say.

Well just wanted to say that for now.  Craig out.

Small world

This may not be a first for some people who have been blogging for years and have perhaps more readers than I currently get, but – I kid you not, an actress who was in the last movie I watched ‘Maniac’ actually favorited a link to my review on my Twitter page – namely Megan Duffy who played the character of Lucie.  I am totally beside myself right now.  So cool!

Thank you Megan!  You were actually very good in the movie, I am now wishing I had mentioned…

I’m on Twitter!!

Well I thought it was about time I joined the crowd.  I would be very happy if anyone visiting here who uses Twitter would follow me, so to keep up to date with any reviews and new things I post and whatever else I wish to talk about.

Click the button on the RIGHT to begin following my Twittering.  Look forward to seeing you there!