Saw VI

Viewed – 10 August 2010  DVD

I’m a bit late to the party on this one, the latest entry in one of my favourite horror franchises.  I loved Saw I-III, was left a bit cold by part IV, then really enjoyed part V.  So what made me skip this one at the cinema?  Well to put it simply, I was getting tired of the yearly updates, and although I thought the previous entry was a step up, it still lacked the wow factor of the first three.  It was as if, with each sequel, the story became too complicated and the big twist the franchise is famous for, became less impressive.

Well here we have Saw apprentice Detective Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) continuing Jigsaw’s work beyond the grave (the genius serial killer bought it at the end of part III), and after doing away with his toughest adversary, fellow Special Agent Strahm, he’s free to finally finish the master killer’s work with the help of Jigsaw’s widow, who has all the ingredients in a box only she has the key to – and so, once again the game begins.  The main victim this time around is an insurance officer who gives final judgement over people’s right to medical care, and has subsequently caused many to die due to the discovery of errors in their insurance claims.  The exact kind of money-hungry life-is-cheap scum bag Jigsaw loves to put into his elaborate traps.  This time we have some brilliantly wicked situations that I won’t spoil for you here only to say they will make you squirm and shudder in a way that only the Saw movies can – the quality here and imagination has never gone stale, and this is an epic gore fest you won’t easily forget.  Tobin Bell’s Jigsaw returns, albeit in flashback and via video’s played to his hapless victims, and again he is excellent – both creepy and convincing as a man who understands the value of life as he faces death from an inoperable cancer.  As always the Saw movies, this one included are great, pop-corn entertainment, perhaps getting a bit convoluted now for newbies to really get to grips with, but if like me you’re a seasoned fan, then this will still make for a thoroughly nasty but no less enjoyable evening’s viewing.

Verdict:  3 /5

Saw V

Viewed – 28 October 2008  Cinema

Well they keep making them, and I keep going to see them.  Oh well, I admit it I love this franchise about a genius kind of killer who places his victims in deadly traps and if they survive, they come out changed – for the better is open to debate.  Since Saw III though, Jigsaw has been dead (if you’re reading this, you shoulda already seen the previous films, and if not then what are you doing here?), and so we have the newer films based mostly on the Jigsaw’s past, his ex-wife and flashbacks to the previous films with new information revealed we didn’t previously see.  In this one we follow Jigsaw apprentace Hoffman as he continues Jigsaw’s work whilst another cop is hot on his trail.  Add to this another group of hapless individuals trapped in a series of puzzle filled rooms – and again this is clever, graphically twisted and complex horror as we have come to expect from the series.

Some more stuff is revealed on what Jigsaw is all about and his methods, but just like Saw IV, more questions are again raised with no real answers given (like what’s in the box?).  This is a better entry into the series than 4 mainly down to some fiendish puzzles and a great twist.  Hoffman is brilliantly creepy replacement for Jigsaw himself, and its all very nail biting, turn away from the screen nasty entertianment. 

It’s a money spinner for sure, and on this evidence the whole thing could go on forever, and whilst it remains very well made – the inital idea is now getting very old…so come on Saw makers, end it now.  Before you ruin it completely.

Verdict: 3 /5