Thor: The Dark World

Viewed – 21 November 2013  Cinema

Big special effects blockbusters are an easy type of movie to like – they have plenty of action, larger than life characters and are usually a great deal of fun.  The onslaught of the comic book super hero has quickly become a genre of it’s own with such big hitters as the Iron Man series and Avengers Assemble being personal favourites.  Here we have the follow up to the highly entertaining Thor with beefcake Chris Hemsworth (Snow White and the Huntsman) reprising his role as the mighty Norse God, who comes to the aid of earth-bound scientist Natalie Portman when she becomes infected by a deadly virus known as the aether – an ancient weapon created by the Dark Elves centuries ago in an attempt to turn the various realms into permanent darkness. 


Of course this rather convoluted and throw-away plot is merely an excuse to watch Thor bash and hammer his foes and see buildings get demolished.  I liked how we get a lot more of Asgard this time around, even if Thor’s siblings are mostly forgotten about but for the boo-hiss of Loki, everyone’s favourite grinning villain (or is he?) from the first film and Avengers.  Yes he’s getting a bit over-used but Tom Hiddleston does a fine job, paring with Thor so well he pretty much stole the show for me.  Add to this a tired looking Anthony Hopkins returning as Odin, Thor’s dad, as well as appearances from Rene Russo (remember her?) and Idris Elba – making this easy to watch and get caught up in.

Less can be said for the mostly clichéd villain (with an unrecognisable Christopher Eccleston as lead baddie Malekith under the sort of makeup these kind of characters ALWAYS have).  Yet a large portion of the story being set in London was welcome, and the action and general banter between the characters decent – with some fun jokes and cameos along the way (was that Captain America?).  Ultimately though Thor 2 is a rather by-the-numbers sequel and lacks some of the heart of the original, bringing nothing new to what is already becoming very familiar territory.  But you’ll still find me in line for Thor 3.  Weird huh?

Verdict:  3 /5


Ok, going to be making some effort to watch a few movies gathering dust on my desk of late.  Wont say here what they are, but expect reviews to turn up in the next few days … I know, very teasy of me!  Unfortunately I am not sure I’ll get around to seeing Gravity, that very interesting looking Sandra Bullock movie, but I am still crossing my fingers, and the currently released Thor sequel is probably going to get missed also.  Cinema is just not happening right now (sad face).  Oh well.  With my birthday on the horizon (11/14 readers!!), I see a few more Blu-ray’s happening and even a bit more gaming (yes, late to the party, but it will be Batman Arkham City: Game Of The Year Edition).

Last few days I managed to finally complete Hitman Absolution – a very good but very challenging entry in the franchise, but easily the best in the series I have played … awesome graphics, very cinematic and the gameplay was very cool.  Also managed to finish the excellent, very emotional and engaging The Last Of Us of which I spoke about in an earlier post.  Both games should be on your to-play list if you enjoy solid story driven experiences.  However, Dead Space 3 is still on my shelf … it’s a good game but not been in the mood for that kind of intense fright-fest lately.  One day … one day.

That’s all from me for now.  Back soon!