The Riot Club

Viewed – 25 February 2015  Online-rental

This had potential going by the trailer, so on first sitting down I had high hopes.  The fictional story of an age-old secret club founded at Oxford University (somewhat inspired it seems by the real-life Bullingdon Club), we’re at first introduced to a ‘right ol’ cad’ by the name of Lord Riot, who is caught doing the nasty with some duke or lord’s wife, and is subsequently killed – but his wild and drunken reputation passes into legend and so hence forth the club continues to present day, where ten rebellious over-privileged students must continue the not-so-honourable tradition set forth centuries ago.


A new kid on the block Miles (Max Irons) catches the eye of one member of the club and is soon seduced into joining, despite a growing love affair with the local good girl, Rachel (Jessica Brown Findlay) and it’s not long before these spoilt little shits are off on the mother of all night’s out.  This was at first interesting and the relationship between Miles & Rachel rather absorbing, but once the riotous behaviour started, I was quickly zoning out and disliking pretty much everyone on screen.  The problem is there aren’t any likable characters here (apart from Rachel) and even Miles who should be the moral centre proves unsympathetic as events quickly spiral out of control.  The final location in an English country side pub seemed a bit strange also, with these rich bastards seemingly capable of ending up at much more grand places – but then again, the introduction of a father & daughter running the pub gave us normal folk someone to relate to I suppose.  A throwaway line towards the end sort of summed up this movie’s main problem though … ‘they all look the same’ which basically means there isn’t a lot of depth to any of the characters, including a resentful room mate whose only reason for being an utter shit is because his brother proceeded him.  Erm, ok.

This could have been a lot more, greatly needed more danger, sex and shock-factor .. and only really got interesting as it was about to end.  A missed opportunity.

Verdict:  2.5 /5