Craig’s Movie Report 10th Anniversary

10th Anniversary

Has it really been that long?  Today marks this blog’s 10th anniversary since my very first post.  I may not be all that popular compared to other blogs and I suppose my blog’s subjects are not that unique to grab a big audience, and well I don’t pay for advertisers to help boost my views either.  Yet I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy writing this bog, sharing my opinions and what’s going on in my life.  I hope whomever takes the time to read anything I post, takes something away from it, either interest for a movie they had been wanting to see, discovering a movie they may not have previously been aware of, or just enjoy my writing style and what I have to say.

A big thank you goes out to regular readers and subscribers for your continued support.  I may be a small-time blogger but I’m dedicated and I appreciate every comment and view and like that I receive.  Keep coming back and I’ll keep posting.  Don’t forget you can also find me on Twitter and Facebook (<<< click) which you can also find on the panel to your right >>>

Here’s to the next ten years!




Well sitting here at my computer, some 90s music blaring out via iTunes, scrolling through various blogs, internet stuff etc, felt like blogging some stuff that’s in my head.

CES has just come and gone, and what’s with these new curved TVs?  Why do we need to watch something on a curved surface?  Is it cool or more a case of technology for technologies sake?  Oh and what about Ultra HD… 4k, OLED etc…. I have a Full HD 1080p 40inch LED television that I think is more that good enough…. but suppose if the technology really takes off, then we’ll all have them … one day.  I like to at least try and keep up with new gadgets, tech but its all moving so fast these days.


I am looking forward to a new Garbage album out this year, and following their touring adventures on Twitter, Facebook has been a joy since they returned from their hiatus.  It’s pretty cool isn’t it, with the internet and everything, that us regular human beings can feel so close to these celebrities, rock stars these days?  So much more than it used to be say in the 80s or 90s.  Oh and talking of 90s, as I write this, Pulp’s Common People is playing … that track is sublime.

Shirley Manson of Garbage

On the gaming front, it’s fun looking forward to some of the new games on the horizon … especially Watchdogs which is due out in the spring, and has been announced as being available in various special editions, including one called Dedsec… that comes with a figurine of the main character and soundtrack, the game in a steelbook, badges, an art book and other shizzle…for £94.99 … yes a bit (ahem) pricey.  Talking of pricey, I have ordered Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for XB1, for three reasons:  firstly there’s not a lot to play on the new console until at least late February (Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes???) and well it’s a shiny new version of one of my favourite games of last year.  Also it comes out in deluxe packaging, never a bad thing.

I look at this blog and wonder if sometimes I should post more, get my thoughts and feelings out there, probably not get too personal but unleash my annoyances, concerns, feelings out there … for the public to read, puzzle over, laugh and smile at … but I probably wont … I am just a bit more inward than I sometimes think I should be.  That being said to me this blog is an outlet, a place for me to write about what ever I want, even if it isn’t movie related… yes that remains the main subject of the blog, but sometimes I’ll write as today about other things.  This has been a bit of a random post from me and not really for any other reason than to just write about something and get my thoughts down.  Hope you have enjoyed reading, maybe you learnt a little more about me in the process, or maybe not.

But as we begin a new year, thanks to all who take time to read my stuff on here and I promise to keep posting reviews and musings.  Will you join me on this journey?