Viewed – 01 October 2010  Blu-ray

This dark and dreary thriller from David (Fight Club) Fincher has Morgan Freeman as the world-weary detective on the verge of retirement having to take under his wing a young newcomer (Brad Pitt), and stumbles upon a series of shocking murders seemingly linked to the seven deadly sins.  This cracking premise is intelligently put together and cemented Fincher’s reputation as a director to watch after an admirable debut with Alien 3 left audiences thirsty for more.  With the great pairing of Freeman & Pitt, who both offer dramatically different viewpoints on the crimes, and with an atmosphere of dread that thankfully never overwhelms, this truly delivers as a film up there with the infamous The Silence of the Lambs.   Add to this one of the most astonishing endings I think you’re ever likely to see, and with the scene stealing Kevin Spacey, who at the time wasn’t the name he is now – this is without doubt one of the best movies of the 90s, and has gone on to become a classic. 

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