Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Viewed – 20 August 2008  Cinema

My god I have been so looking forward to this.  As probably the biggest fan of Guilermo Del Toro that I personally know (which is not saying much) and having adored Pan’s Labyrinth, Blade 2 and especially Hellboy – this was just begging to be seen. 

When a mythical world starts a rebellion with the human world, threatening to destroy all mankind, it’s up to Hellboy and his band of misfits to stop crazed Elf Prince Nuada from raising the infamous Golden Army.  This full-on sequel to Del Toro’s stylish and very different comic book blockbuster throws in love stories, the desire to be excepted, crazy demonic creatures, tons of highly stylised action and plenty of dry humour – everything the first film was, turned up to eleven!

Ron Perlman’s Big Red of course steals the show and is on fine wise cracking, iconic form and is probably the most likable screen hero I think I’ve ever had the joy to watch…add to this the brilliant turns by a very much expanded Liz Sherman (a magnetic and sexy Selma Blair) as well as the excellent Abe Sapian (Doug Jones) whose given his own love story this time around, and this unlikely bunch of heroes make for a more comppelling cast than anything you will find in the X-Men movies.  Also this time the team are joined by a Russian scientist who is basically a heap of gas in a special suit, voiced by Family Guy’s Seth McFarlane with superb, laugh-out-loud results.  Did I also say this film is really funny?  There’s some priceless moments of slapstick and dry humour – but thankfully the movie also knows when to get serious with some eye-melting action and stunning fight choreography, made all the better by superb production design and state of the art creature effects.

Now apart from an opening explanation of the history of the Golden Army – little light is shed on the evil Prince’s desire to cause such chaos and why he chooses this moment in time to kick off, but that’s small potato’s, especially when the villain is played so well by Luke Goss mirroring his exceptional turn in Del Toro’s Blade 2.  There is also so much going on here it would be a terrible disservice to point out plot holes – and believe me you will be having way to much fun to analyse.  So sit back and enjoy the best movie so far this year.

Verdict:  5 /5