Robin Williams dies

Today I was saddened to wake up to the news that the incredibly gifted and talented actor / comedienne Robin Williams had been found dead at his home in California.  He was 63.  Suicide was recently confirmed by Police, following years battling with depressions and alcoholism.  I feel this is such tragic news for one of those names that wasn’t just liked … he was loved.

Some of my favourite roles were of course the comedy classic Mrs Doubtfire as well as more serious turns in Dead Poets Society and Insomnia.  He was also part of my childhood, recalling watching the cult TV show Mork & Mindy when I was a kid.  I still haven’t really come to terms with the news and it has affected me quite a bit.  He can’t be dead … he was the voice the the Genie in Aladdin!!  It doesn’t feel right.

Rest in piece Captain my captain.  You will be sorely missed.

Robin Williams

1951 – 2014