Ratings update

I thought I’d reiterate what my rating system means. At the start of 2020 I chose to do away with numbered ratings, feeling the differences between them, the half points some movies required, just got a bit messy. So below is a breakdown of what my ratings mean…

Essential – a must see, a rare movie, a score not given lightly. A movie does not have to be perfect to get this score, it just has to either entertain fully, really affect me or go beyond my expectations. Equivalent to 5/5.

Recommended – a movie that’s very nearly a must watch but has small issues somewhere or minor aspects that don’t entirely work. Quality movies can get this score but usually because they don’t stand up to repeat viewing as those that get an essential. Equivalent to 4/5.

Good – an enjoyable or memorable movie that can still fall short in key areas. Often these movies are average to above average, yet their flaws don’t fully ruin the overall experience. Equivalent to 3/5 or 3.5/5.

Poor – a movie that has its moments, but is often a good idea poorly executed. Movies that get this rating often prove disappointing despite their potential or have something in them that ruin an otherwise good experience. Equivalent to 2/5 or 2.5/5.

Avoid – I can’t say I come across movies I really dislike that often, but to get this score it has to be almost difficult to get through. This can be down to bad film-making, an un-engaging story or bad acting. Overall to get this score it has to fail in most areas. Equivalent to 1/5.