Console exclusivity strikes again!


Well have been reading this weekend about the somewhat unexpected announcement of Street Fighter V, and the fact it will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PC when it’s released.  Now I like Street Fighter and think it’s a good win for PS4, as their exclusives have been a bit lacking – but it’s also a series that has a very niche following.  I can’t play it online for getting my arse handed to me, and well beyond the art style it has very little to offer single player gamers (especially SF IV).  So not too peeved as an XB1 owner.  I intend to finally get a PS4 next year, but until then I’m happy with the games XB1 has, including exclusives like Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break.

Now what does annoy me is that the huge backlash Microsoft and Crystal Dynamics got when they announced Tomb Raider would be a (timed) exclusive for their console, so far doesn’t seem to be happening with this announcement – showing how biased towards Sony the industry has got for a company whose last console was a bit over a slow burner – why the love?  why the unabashed support for it? 

Competition and exclusivity is good though, keeps things interesting, sells consoles but bias and fan boy outrage and backlash does not – get a grip people and just enjoy the games!

Happy birthday to me!

Well it was my birthday on Wednesday.  First and foremost I want to thank everyone who got me gifts, cards etc.  Secondly I got the Kindle Fire HD!  Yes my new gadget and what I am creating this post with right now.

Also received Dishonored on PS3 – first impressions?  Wow.  Will report back on that in the coming days.  Also as an update on future posts on this blog, you can look out for reviews of the following:  Headhunters on Blu-ray, Men In Black 3 and The Ides Of March (both via online rental services), as well as horror flick Fertile Ground.  Technology it seems is moving on quick and fast and I am trying my best to keep up with it all.  Some future reviews will be from online rental but of course I’ll still be watching Blu-ray, and visiting the cinema when the opportunity takes me.

For now though thanks to everyone again and I had a wonderful day.