Garbage new music video!

Today following the previous single release of their track ‘Empty’ my favourite band finally released the music video to it, and I’m so happy to say it’s a belter!  A departure from the arty approach of some of their most recent music videos, this back to basics performance-based promo echoes the band’s video for their 1995 song ‘Vow’ which is not surprising as it’s by the same director, Samuel Bayer.  Check it out below…

The song itself is both classic Garbage and something very contemporary sounding in my opinion, with heavy drums and stunning guitar riffs, backed up by Shirley’s seductive, emotional lyrics – I was sold from my very first listen … and I can’t say that has been the case for other recent tracks like The Chemicals and On Fire.  Yet Empty is a very catchy, anthemic track that although I’m not totally in love with the chorus ‘I am soooo empty’ the sheer inventiveness to the track showcases some of the band’s strongest skills.  Super-producer Butch Vig is on hand after all; the man behind Nirvana’s Nevermind and Foo Fighter’s Wasting Light (he’s also the drummer for the band) so solid production is a given … and sporting awesome pink hair Shirley Manson looks and sounds every bit the rock icon that she is.  Also, that bit after the second chorus where it switches to ‘every day every hour of the night, you’re all i think about’ just floored me by the way – classic Garbage.

Roll on June 10 when their sixth studio album ‘Strange Little Birds’ is released and expect my impressions shortly afterwards.

Off topic: In anticipation of Garbage

Just wanted to put into words just how much I am looking forward to the new album from my favourite band, Garbage.  I have been into this synth/rock four-piece since their inception back in 1995 (I hope that’s right), hearing their classic single ‘Queer’ on The Evening Session on Radio 1.  Following that revelation, I rushed out to purchase their debut self-titled album, and have never looked back.  The band consist of drummer and super-producer Butch Vig, as well as musicians Duke Erikson and Steve Marker.  Their lead single is the indefinable Shirley Manson.

After roughly a five year extended hiatus, where I did fear the band would call it a day, they have been back in the studio and are currently recording their fifth as yet untitled album.  Shirley Manson has kept her fans up-to-date on all Garbage related goings on, on her FACEBOOK page, which is awfully good of her, and the growing anticipation amongst her dedicated fan base is now reaching fever pitch.  The band have not really put a foot wrong in the 10-15 years they have been together (in my opinion), and although constant touring and being around each other took its tol, and they all went in search of their own projects (Butch working as producer for the likes of Green Day amongst other things, Shirley appearing in TV show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and recording a solo album, which sadly hasn’t yet been released) … they seem as commited as ever to being in a band and making interesting, unique music that sets them apart from others.

Long live GARBAGE!

Offical Facebook page

Garbage Twitter

10 favourite tracks (no preference) …


Only Happy When It Rains

Trip My Wire

Temptation Waits

Push It

Can’t Cry These Tears

Til The Day I Die

Bad Boyfriend

Why Do You Love Me?

It’s All Over But The Crying

… there’s so many more, but I’ll keep it to this list, for now.