New bedroom TV

This week I thought it was high time I upgraded the TV in my bedroom, where I play my games and watch the majority of my TV shows and movies.  To complement the 42 inch Sony TV in my living room and the Onkyo 5.1 surround sound system, I have now got a 32” Sony for the bedroom, which I never thought possible.  My previous TV was a Samsung 26” which served me well, but as we all know nowadays, TV’s have a got ultra slim and with a very minimal frame, meaning that fitting a larger TV was suddenly possible.

Sony KDL-32W706B

Sony KDL-32W706B

LED, Smart TV

Full HD

I have my Sony Stereo Receiver hooked up to it, which was initially a concern as it is analogue and most modern TV’s don’t have analogue stereo out terminals anymore.  My solution?  A fairly reasonably-priced DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) that I can plug an optical cable from the TV into, then plug a stereo RCA cable into the other end and problem solved!  My Xbox One and PS4 both sound and look terrific on this TV and everything just looks so much bigger!

Anyone looking for a new TV, I can’t recommend the latest Sony models enough.  Their picture, features and aesthetic design (with a brushed high-end looking aluminium frame) make them complement any bedroom or living room.

Welcome to HD sound

As a keen enthusiast of home cinema, but normally lacking the budget to realise my wildest dreams (who wouldn’t want a walk-in cinema in their house?) … over the years I have steadily built up a home entertainment set-up to be proud of.  I have adopted technologies like Blu-ray and high definition television, but often struggled to compliment such things like this with a sound system worthy enough.  Yes I’ve wasted money, cut corners etc, like we all do unless we’re wealthy individuals … but at long last I think I have a system that truly brings my home cinema dream full circle.


Pictured above is the all-in-one Onkyo HT-S3505 which consists of a full 5.1 speaker package as well as a quality receiver that can deliver Dolby Digital, Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio the way movies etc. were meant to be heard.  First experience with it, I am enjoying it a great deal.  It’s a rich and immersive sound be it either watching TV or a movie and the nice rumble of the subwoofer, the crystal clear sound of the centre speaker, complimented by the left, right and rear speakers really creates a hell of an enjoyable sound… especially for this novice.  With this I can finally give a real opinion on a movie’s sound performance in reviews (although this won’t be a regular feature due to sometimes watching movies on a different set-up) but it’s still great to have the option.

So TheMovieReport is all equipped to test out both HD image quality and Sound if necessary (perhaps on catalogue titles?) and continue to offer an opinion, good or bad back to you my beloved readers. 


New hardware

This has been long overdue.  As I have quite a small bedroom, I can’t go the whole surround sound route, but have managed to purchase some new items that will enhance my entertainment set up and make gaming, movie watching and listening to music, pure heaven – on my budget. 

Anyway here’s the details (and its a work in progress, with a CD player to be added to the set up in the near future).

Sony STR-DH100 Stereo ReceiverSony SSB1000 Stereo Speakers

I also have my eye on this…

Onkyo DX7355 CD Player