Love Hard

Viewed – 03 December Netflix

It’s time for a Christmas themed movie… and I’d heard this one, a Netflix original was good so I thought I’d give it a go. A romantic comedy following unlucky-in-love journalist, Natalie who falls for a guy on a dating app. However when choosing to visit the guy’s home to surprise him for the holidays – she has a surprise in store.

Ho Ho Ho?

A relatively interesting take on the rom-con may not exactly do anything that original, this still managed to hold my interest, mostly due to the very likeable performance from Nina Dobrev – who bares more than a passing resemblance to a friends-era Courtney Cox as well as Elizabeth Olsen. The cast in general are all decent.

With some funny situations along the way, a worthwhile message about having ‘confidence to be yourself’ and an utterly charming ending – I enjoyed this quite a bit, even if it has little in it to stand out in a crowded Christmas movie genre. If you’ve seen most of the classics, certainly give this a watch. Oh and Die Hard is a Christmas movie!

Verdict: Good