Goodbye Heroes

I just finished watching the final episode of what was one of my favourite TV shows, namely NBC’s much maligned HEROES.  Now I have written on here before about my severe disappointment with the news that it had been cancelled, and that we will not be getting a fifth season.  So now having watched the last episode, I admit to feeling quite sad to see it go. 

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Heroes season 4 arrives!

I finally received the Blu-ray box set in the mail the other day and was charged a whopping £14.29 by customs.  Grr.  Oh well.  This is still my favourite TV show regardless of its recent cancellation by network big wigs NBC.

Watched the first feature-length episode and boy, it was good to have the ol’ gang back … Claire, Peter, Sylar etc.  I will never really understand why this show became so unpopular as the seasons came and went.  Sure the writers made a few mistakes and had some missed opportunities, but overall Seasons 1-3 were very enjoyable.  I will report a little more on this alleged final season the more I watch; just my thoughts really on how it all plays out, and wait, with bated breath an announcement of the rumoured mini-series that Tim Kring recently spoke of in an interview with TV Guide.

For now though here’s my thoughts on some of my favourite Heroes characters and how they have progressed since the show began:

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HEROES cancelled!

It’s a sad day for television as news comes in that one of my favourite TV shows has not been renewed for a fifth season.  The troubled super-powered drama HEROES by NBC and producer / creator Tim Kring has suffered rapidly falling ratings since the cut-short second season where writers had to meet the 11 episode run due to the writer’s strike.  Season 3 failed to measure up to the highly acclaimed first season, and although the quality of the wrting improved for the second half and also for season 4, the viewers had already jumped ship.  This is sad news as on a whole the show was still a great deal of fun with memorable characters and some good action and special effects.  It also launched the careers of Zachary Quinto (Sylar) and Hayden Panettiere (Claire). I have yet to watch the fourth season, which I hear is very good, and hope that NBC do deliver the rumourred feature length spin off to wrap up some of the storylines.

R.I.P. Heroes – u will be missed.


heroes banner 

Ok, I’m talking about NBC TV series Heroes again.  I have been reading a lot about the ratings and general critic / fan feedback this show has been getting since the writer’s strike that shortened season two and caused many of the viewers to stop watching the show.  Heroes is a victim of it’s own popularity as the first season presented us with something bold, fresh and new, doing many things that similar shows like Smallville couldn’t even touch.  Sadly the following season despite some memorable moments and characters, seemed to be much more relaxed and more TV show like than the serialised blockbuster season one had been.  This naturally effected the luke-warm popularity of season three, which is a shame as this feels very much the blockbuster style of season one, despite a complicated story-ark that relies on your knowledge of season 1 & 2.  But can’t that be said for all TV shows? 

Now the ratings for the season four premier were less than impressive, again another fall-out from season 2 & 3’s bad press, and I think it is a shame as there is genuine affection for this show by the creators and cast and any problems are constantly being worked on.  Yet trying to address every critic / fan-boys complaint can’t be done – and Tim Kring, series creator needs to focus on where his show is going and do his own thing, as he did in season one, and maybe everyone will be happy.  Yet I doubt it.  Heroes has become the whipping boy for the television industry, and despite a firm fan following, seems destined to stay that way.

I just hope that NBC and Tim Kring etc have the courage to believe in their show and ignore the criticism and keep the show from disappearing for good.  It has way too much going for it, and the cast is tremendous.