Top Ten Movie Crushes

Inspired again from a post over at The Sporadic Chronicles Of A Beginner Blogger and further more from the idea posted over at Cinema Parrot Disco, here are my own (to best recollection) ten movie crushes … in no particular order.

Scarlett Johansson in Lost In Translation

Back when she was a little less glamorous, she is an image of innocent beauty, and makes for a great partnership with Bill Murray.  First Johansson film I ever saw too.

lost in translation

Winona Ryder in Reality Bites

So many images in this movie of Winona looking sassy, cool, beautiful … her hair, those eyes, and it’s a great romantic drama too.

reality bytes

Mila Kunis in Black Swan

Seductive and dangerous.  Kunis at her sexy best.

black swan

Bridget Fonda in Point of No Return (aka The Assassin)

Vulnerable, tough and sexy.  This role should have made her a star, but sadly the movie bombed.

the assassin

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary

Launched this quirky, gifted actress and as a more girl-next-door-type, exudes subtle sexiness and weirdness.  My kinda gal!


Marion Cotillard in Inception

DiCaprio’s phantom wife, seductive and deadly, but also tragic.  A great actress and such smoky eyes!


Katherine Isabelle in Ginger Snaps

One of the hottest actresses to ever turn into a revenant snarling wolf – Isabelle exudes sex and eroticism, whilst also being rather funny!

ginger snaps

Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns

Forget Anne Hathaway, THIS is the only Cat Woman the movie industry ever needed.  Part dominatrix, part tragic victim, and Pfeiffer at her sexy, beautiful best.

batman returns

Sandra Bullock in Speed

Again another first and launched the career of this very likable actress.  Looking her prettiest and girlfriend-like in this classic thriller.


Maggie Cheung in The Heroic Trio

Fell for her during my Hong Kong Action Cinema phase in the 90s … a stunning example of a hot female badass action hero!!  Oh and she’s a very good actress too, see ‘Hero’.

the heroic trio

So a few unusual choices there you might think, a few obvious ones but kind of sums up the kind of females I tend to crush over in movies.  Have you a list of your own?  Give it a go and lets see!!

Oz The Great and Powerful

Viewed – 27 July 2013  Online rental

I haven’t seen the much admired and  cherished classic The Wizard Of Oz for many years.  Why?  It freaks me out.  Something about it just gets under my skin, and that wicked witch … shudder.  However on hearing this was coming out I at first really wanted to see it, but several very mixed reviews from friends later, let’s just say I hesitated … until now.


James Franco is Oz, a carnival magician and conman who after one too many deceits finds himself running away from his troubles in a hot air balloon, only to get caught in a tornado, which subsequently whisks him away to the land of Oz.  This little prologue like the 1939 original is shown in black and white (and even in classic 4:3 ratio) until Oz arrives in the magical world and then its all bold colors and CGI.  Now in this modern age, we should have one wish when being presented with a new vision for the land of Oz, and that is ‘wonder’ … we want this enchanted world to be realized like never before, and rest assured folks we get what we wished for, with some gorgeous, eye-popping visuals, grand set design, very impressive CGI and color – oh the color!

Joining Oz on this trip down cinematic memory lane is current hot property Mila Kunis (looking great in leather pants) as good witch Theodora, along with her sisters Evanora (Rachel Weiss) and Glinda (Michelle Williams).  Performances are good, especially from Weiss in possibly her first villainous role, and with a story that offers enough nods to the original whilst throwing in some great ideas of its own (good flying monkey ‘Finley’ and an impressively done china doll) this proved very entertaining.  For an Oz movie however this lives or (slightly) dies on just how wicked the Wicked Witch is, and sadly here she may look the part (she’s green, has a pointy hat and rides a broom stick) but performance-wise, she comes off as a spoiled brat having a tantrum.  And yes it may be aimed at a family crowd, but the Wicked Witch is meant to be scary!  Add to this the absence of songs (surely another lasting memory of the original) and a hero who is basically a bit of a git, and yes, it does have a few problems.

Yet Franco and the rest of the cast give it their all and under the watchful eye of director Sam Raimi (Spiderman, Evil Dead) the sheer infectious energy and visual explosion on display makes such short comings mostly forgivable.  Whilst not quite Judy Garland’s Oz, its still the same, magical experience.

Verdict:  3.5 /5

The Book of Eli

Viewed – 16 March 2013  Television

Not sure what made me take so long to get around to seeing this.  Perhaps it was the ‘meh’ of another post-apocalyptic scenario?   But then again we have Denzel Washington in the lead role, so after several recommendations from friends, I thought I’d finally check it out.


Denzel plays a lone drifter in a wasteland version of America following what appears to be a nuclear war.  He carries with him a book as his only companion, reading it each night, and continues on his way, foraging for food and supplies as he finds them.  However a local bar owner in one town is also searching for a sacred book, and will stop at nothing to get his hands on it, believing it holds the key to taking control of a destroyed world. Directed by The Hughes Brothers (Menace II Society, From Hell) this certainly looks the part and boasts several decent action sequences, with Denzel proving the ultimate apocalyptic bad-ass.  Co-starring the gorgeous Mila Kunis (Black Swan) as well as Gary Oldman as the ruthless villain  this is an intriguing and entertaining movie only slightly let down by a clichéd setting and rather simplistic characterization.

As an evenings viewing this proved fun, if undemanding and yes, could have been a lot deeper than it was.  The plot is nothing special and took a bit of time to get going.  Also some developments towards the end just left me thinking ‘oh come on…’.  That being said, Washington as always was great and supported well, especially by a scene-stealing Oldman … so if you are into such concepts – this is still worth a look.

Verdict:  3 /5


Viewed – 30 November 2012  Blu-ray

Unrated Version

Seth Macfarlane created Family Guy.  To anyone with a funny bone, that should be reason enough to see this, his debut, live action feature.  This tells the story of a young boy, not particularly popular who one night wishes his best friend, a teddy bear was real.  Bingo – next morning he’s come to life, much to the horror of his parents.  As the year’s pass, Ted and the boy are inseparable, until said boy grows into Mark Wahlberg who is dating current sexiest woman in the world (not official) Mila Kunis (Black Swan) who feels his friendship with the talking stuffed toy is getting in the way of their relationship.


This is a great premise, and with Seth Macfarlane bringing his limitless comedy chops to voice Ted, there are more great one-liners here than I’ve heard in a long time.  Ok, many of the jokes are bad taste, causing you to laugh in that awkward, should-I-be-finding-this-funny? sort of way, but that is exactly the humour that caused Family Guy to take a giant shit on The Simpsons (sorry) for several years, and I must say I was laughing pretty much the entire time (well, not the entire time, that would have been a bit mental).  Wahlberg is perfectly cast as the lovable guy who has never quite grown up, Mila Kunis is as ever more than just a seriously beautiful creature, and the story, with fine villanous support from the ever enjoyable Giovanni Ribisi (TV’s Friends, Avatar) worked well, turning out to have some real emotion towards the end.  References to 80s TV shows, movies (especially Flash Gordon) and various celebrities hit home perfectly (back off, Susan Boyle!), making this one movie to watch several times just for all the great lines.

Ted is a fantastic creation then, and Seth Macfarlane has proved he’s more than just the guy behind Family Guy … but also a comedy talent to be reckoned with.  Step aside The Farrrely Brothers, there’s a new King in town!

Verdict:  5 /5

Black Swan

Viewed – 07 February 2011 Cinema

This has gained quite a lot of attention during the run up to the awards season, with star Natalie Portman tipped for a clean sweep.  She stars as virginal ballet dancer Nina, desperate to land the lead role in a grand staging of Swan Lake.  With aspirations to step into the recently vacated shoes of former star Beth (Winona Ryder) whilst all too aware of envious glances from young new comer Lilly (Mila Kunis).  Yet she has to impress director Thomas (Vincent Cassel), whose methods to bring out the perfect performance from Nina border on sexual harassment.

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