The Boy

Viewed – 30 August 2016  Online rental

Taking one look at the poster of this intriguing horror conjured up memories of the Chucky franchise.  Yet, my liking of said psycho doll aside, I’m happy to report this doesn’t quite go down that road.  Lauren Cohen of The Walking Dead plays Greta, an American woman fleeing an abusive relationship who comes to England to accept a job as a Nanny but soon finds out she’s not looking after an eight year old boy called Brahms, but that of a life size porcelain doll.  However once the elderly couple who hire Greta decide to leave on a trip, strange things start to occur.

the boy

Lauren Cohen, one of the more diverting actors from the aforementioned Walking Dead is easily up to the job and her blend of Hollywood good looks and likeable demeanour suited her character well.  The doll that takes centre stage is also undeniably creepy and his milky white face and staring eyes create the desired effect.  However despite some fun plays on this viewer’s preconceptions and good support from Rupert Evans as a local delivery guy, all good work is almost undone when the movie descends into typical horror movie territory in the final act.  I also noticed more than a few tricks being pulled from the horror movie cliché bag; the dream sequence, the false jump scare etc.  No bad thing really and makes for a fun experience, but along with a twist that made me puzzle over the entire premise (and not in a good way) – I was ultimately disappointed.

That being said, with a suitably creepy old English house, Lauren Cohen’s plucky (if by the numbers) performance and earlier scenes creating plenty of tension – this still proved effective.  So maybe give this a go, especially if unlike myself you’re not too demanding when it comes to your latest horror fix.

Verdict:  2.5 /5

Top Ten Television Crushes

Inspired once again from a post over at The Sporadic Chronicles Of  A Beginner Blogger, thought I’d post what female characters / actresses I’ve crushed on in television… Not quite as easy as my movies list (click!) I’ll admit, but interesting to compile none the less … in no particular order.  Warning… slight spoilers may appear.

Rachel Green in Friends


A fan favourite but the ‘every guy’s ideal girlfriend’ appeal of Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Rachel’ in the hit sitcom is the basis of why Aniston continues to be one of the most likeable actresses around today.  Her on/off love story with on-screen boyfriend ‘Ross’ was also one of the highlights of the show.

Daphne Millbrook in Heroes

daphne millbrook

Arrogant but spunky, an expert thief who has the ability to run like The Flash but hides the fact she was actually a paraplegic before her ‘powers’ kicked in … so a vulnerable side too.  Played wonderfully by Brea Grant.

Maggie in The Walking Dead


Tough, very attractive and her often troubled love affair with on-screen husband ‘Glenn’ really makes this show increasingly watchable.  Helps that Lauren Cohen’s a fine actress too, and can handle a machete like a ruthless killer.

Joan Holloway in Mad Men


When I first saw this red haired bombshell, I thought … wow, who is this actress?  Yes her character may be a bitch, but as seasons continued, we did get to see a gentler side, and damn, that face, those lips…I could go on.  Christina Hendricks is what they were talking about when they coined the phrase ‘…and God Created Woman’.

Kate Austin in Lost


Evangeline Lilly’s vulnerable, feisty and sexy performance as the duel love interest of both ‘Jack’ and ‘Sawyer’ really held this complex, often infuriating but non the less enjoyable show together.  Great to also see Lilly now appearing in The Hobbit movies…makes for a wonderfully alluring elf.

Jane in Breaking Bad

Lewis Jacobs/ Still Photographer, 2008

Jessie’s ill-fated girlfriend, the manipulative and sexy Jane as played by the beautiful Kristen Ritter may only have a small appearance in the acclaimed show, but her legacy lingers on throughout.  Also those dangerously seductive lips and eyes…ahem.

Sam in E.R.


Played by Linda Cardellini, this tough talking, single mother may have the ex husband from hell and a troubled son, yet her beauty and vulnerability make her one of this long-running shows best characters.

Buffy in Buffy The Vampire Slayer


Ok the fan boy in me was tempted to go for Willow, but really this is crushes and Sarah Michelle Geller’s tough, quirky and sexy Buffy summers is the reason this show was such a massive success.

Taylor Townsend in The O.C.


Played by the gorgeous Autumn Reeser, this character appeared air-headed bimbo but was actually very funny and adorable … helped she was stunning too!  Must be all that Californian sun.

Dr Jennifer Melfi in The Sopranos


From the acclaimed mob drama, how could I forget the smouldering sexiness of Dr Melfi, as played by the lovely Lorraine Bracco?  Made for a big part of the TV show, and the on/off sexual chemistry between her and the late James Gandolfini’s Tony Soprano was almost unbearable … even if it never went ‘there’ between them…

Have you any favourite TV characters that got you all hot under the collar?  Feel free to post a link if you have a list of your own.