New horizons

You may have noticed a slow down of posts lately. Truth be told I’ve not been watching many movies. I did catch Guillermo Del Toro’s acclaimed Pinocchio, which I wasn’t that impressed with (Poor), mostly down to finding the wooden boy grating and the singing a bit naff. The animation was decent but didn’t wow me either.

Other than that I’ve been trying to do more reading. I’ve always admired fiction books but have found over the years I haven’t delved into the hobby as much as I wish I had. Well, with the thought of ‘it’s never too late’ and the fact I’m trying to take my own writing more seriously, I’m currently on my second book of the year. I recently finished In The Silence by M. R. Mackenzie , an absorbing murder mystery set in Glasgow, Scotland. Currently I’m working my way through Stephen King’s Mr Mercedes, which has me hooked similarly. I’m giving myself a nightly routine and so far getting a great deal out of it.

A gripping read…

So this is kind of a new horizon for me and this website. On kindle I’ve given myself a goal of reading ten novels by end of year. Feels a lot for me but we’ll see how we get on. I’ll report back here as I get through each novel, whatever they turn out to be. I do also intend to return to occasional movie reviewing but currently my focus is my own writing.

On that front, book 3 of my Dying Games Saga is out now. See below for a sneak preview. I’d love some feedback if you choose to take the plunge! The novel is called Gemini and I’m immensely proud of how it turned out.

Happy birthday to me!

Well it was my birthday on Wednesday.  First and foremost I want to thank everyone who got me gifts, cards etc.  Secondly I got the Kindle Fire HD!  Yes my new gadget and what I am creating this post with right now.

Also received Dishonored on PS3 – first impressions?  Wow.  Will report back on that in the coming days.  Also as an update on future posts on this blog, you can look out for reviews of the following:  Headhunters on Blu-ray, Men In Black 3 and The Ides Of March (both via online rental services), as well as horror flick Fertile Ground.  Technology it seems is moving on quick and fast and I am trying my best to keep up with it all.  Some future reviews will be from online rental but of course I’ll still be watching Blu-ray, and visiting the cinema when the opportunity takes me.

For now though thanks to everyone again and I had a wonderful day.