Top Ten Movie Crushes

Inspired again from a post over at The Sporadic Chronicles Of A Beginner Blogger and further more from the idea posted over at Cinema Parrot Disco, here are my own (to best recollection) ten movie crushes … in no particular order.

Scarlett Johansson in Lost In Translation

Back when she was a little less glamorous, she is an image of innocent beauty, and makes for a great partnership with Bill Murray.  First Johansson film I ever saw too.

lost in translation

Winona Ryder in Reality Bites

So many images in this movie of Winona looking sassy, cool, beautiful … her hair, those eyes, and it’s a great romantic drama too.

reality bytes

Mila Kunis in Black Swan

Seductive and dangerous.  Kunis at her sexy best.

black swan

Bridget Fonda in Point of No Return (aka The Assassin)

Vulnerable, tough and sexy.  This role should have made her a star, but sadly the movie bombed.

the assassin

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary

Launched this quirky, gifted actress and as a more girl-next-door-type, exudes subtle sexiness and weirdness.  My kinda gal!


Marion Cotillard in Inception

DiCaprio’s phantom wife, seductive and deadly, but also tragic.  A great actress and such smoky eyes!


Katherine Isabelle in Ginger Snaps

One of the hottest actresses to ever turn into a revenant snarling wolf – Isabelle exudes sex and eroticism, whilst also being rather funny!

ginger snaps

Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns

Forget Anne Hathaway, THIS is the only Cat Woman the movie industry ever needed.  Part dominatrix, part tragic victim, and Pfeiffer at her sexy, beautiful best.

batman returns

Sandra Bullock in Speed

Again another first and launched the career of this very likable actress.  Looking her prettiest and girlfriend-like in this classic thriller.


Maggie Cheung in The Heroic Trio

Fell for her during my Hong Kong Action Cinema phase in the 90s … a stunning example of a hot female badass action hero!!  Oh and she’s a very good actress too, see ‘Hero’.

the heroic trio

So a few unusual choices there you might think, a few obvious ones but kind of sums up the kind of females I tend to crush over in movies.  Have you a list of your own?  Give it a go and lets see!!

American Mary

Viewed – 08 June 2013  Blu-ray

I went into this fairly blind, but appealed by the fact that genre actress Katherine Isabelle was in it.  Now I have only ever seen one movie with this actress, but then again that movie was Ginger Snaps … possibly the second best Werewolf movie ever made (if you don’t know what the best is, then I feel sorry for you…).  So sitting down to this I was presented with the story of struggling medical student Mary Mason (Isabelle) who has dreams of being a surgeon, but due to debts finds herself turning to a sleazy nightclub owner for help.  Soon she meets Beatrice, a plastic-surgery addict who wishes for Mary to perform a hush hush procedure on her equally plastic friend … and before long Mary is doing body modification operations to pay her way through school.


This is a very macabre and decidedly Cronenberg-esque movie with an enjoyably nutty turn from Isabelle who it has to be said, looks totally gorgeous and sexy throughout.  But of course ample shots of Isabelle in her undies does not a movie make (for the most part) and the surrounding movie here is rather hard to enjoy.  Its full of freaky scenes of gore, surgery and oddball characters (especially the Betty Boop-like Beatrice) that made me feel rather uneasy.  Also as events spiral out of control, Mary pretty much becomes a homicidal maniac – which didn’t ring true whatsoever – her taste for violence and dismemberment comes out of nowhere.

As a vehicle for the obviously talented Katherine Isabelle, this seemed somewhat lacking and she never really got to shine – the movie was more interested in freaking this viewer out than presenting a satisfying, entertaining experience.  Nasty, sleazy, but not one I’d rush to recommend.

Verdict:  2 /5