Viewed – 19 February 2008 Cinema

In an age where concept is king, then as far as the idea thrown on the table is concerned, Jumper presses the big red button. You see, Star Wars’ Hayden Christensen (proving himself a credible action hero) plays a kid who after a near-death experience discovers he can teleport himself to anywhere in the world, in just a blink of an eye. Now that’s a talent, and at first it’s his key out of a crappy life where the girl at school hardly notices him (The OC’s Rachel Bilson), and he comes home every night to a drunken father who just yells at him, after the Mother walked out on them years previously.

Before long though, his new found life and riches (he’s become the ‘perfect’ bank robber), is interrupted by Samuel L. Jackson’s shady Government agent, who seems to know all about him. What follows is a very unique action adventure as this kid struggles to make sense of his abilities whilst running for his life. Hence some stunning action sequences that really knock you out of your seat. A worthy mention must also go to Jamie Bell’s vigilante who has the same skills as Hayden, and pretty much steals the movie.

Director Doug Liman, honing his talents on Bourne Identity and Mr & Mrs Smith once again delivers a unique, gritty spin on the action movie and brings to the screen what I think the Matrix sequels should have delivered a few years earlier. Roll on whatever this director comes up with next!

Verdict:  4 /5