Birthday fun and reflection

Well I turned 39 yesterday and it was a really enjoyable day, despite the fact I was at work.  I am fortunate to have many really good colleagues and friends at work and they all made a fuss of me, giving me cards, prezzies etc.  I also had money and gifts off my family which included the ‘Atlas Limited Edition’ of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare for Xbox One as well as the official, limited edition Call of Duty Xbox One control pad.  The game itself seems pretty decent but I’ll report more on that in another post.


At times like this, especially as I approach forty, I certainly find myself reflecting on life, and especially the past year, which emotionally has been very up and down.  Some people come into your life and have a dramatic effect on it, then before you know it, they are gone for good.  It’s certainly hard when that happens but sometimes can’t be avoided.  Yet when I look to the things I have managed to achieve, the loving family I have around me, and the genuine friends who are still in my life, I do realise I have a lot to be thankful for.

I love writing this blog, I love watching movies, playing games, and I love my job … it challenges me and makes my life something once upon a time I never thought it would be.

I also want to thank anyone who regularly reads my posts, occasional visitors and the community here as a whole.  You’re a joy to write for and make this a very rewarding hobby.


Viewed – 24 April 2014  Netflix

The story is, eight different people all arrive at an organization to sit an exam for a single position.  Yet when all together they are each given a sheet of paper and a set of rules, including the fact there is only one question and only one answer – and eighty minutes on the clock.


Co-starring British names such as Jimi Mistry, Colin Salmon etc. this was claustrophobic stuff.  I liked the idea of one setting and the fact they were all very different people, from different ethnic backgrounds, all trying to figure out how to win and whether or not to turn against one another.  It reminded me a great deal of the Saw franchise, minus the blood and guts of course … but the fact that a higher power was playing a game and had rules they had to follow, made for gripping viewing.

The only slight let down was the big reveal, and in the closing moments I’ll admit I got a bit lost as to what was really happening – so no big wow moment for me, or maybe what it was all about wasn’t that big a revelation.  Overall though for solid performances and a clever, twisting and turning concept – this still impressed.

Verdict:  4 /5