Merry Christmas!

Well that day many of us look forward to all year has finally arrived.  I always approach Christmas with mixed feelings.  It’s mostly for kids anyway, but despite not really enjoying the long-winded hype that leads up to it, I always feel nice and festive on the day itself.  Pictured below are what I received today from my parents and brother and I’m very happy.  I went for box-sets (The Sopranos complete collection Blu-ray, James Bond complete collection Blu-ray) mainly and a special edition steel-book of Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation.  Other than those shown below I also got some smellies, a Star Wars The Force Awakens T-shirt and vouchers.


So wishing everyone who reads this blog, long time visitors, followers and even those who just stumbled upon this post in a feed a very happy Christmas … so have a great time everyone with whatever you celebrate at this time of year.  Be safe, be happy, be kind.

I hope to be writing a few posts over next few days to detail my thoughts on the year leading up to my annual top ten.  So watch this space folks!

Merry Christmas

Well Christmas day is here again.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my visitors / subscribers / followers for their continued interest and your comments / feedback make everything so worth while.

This year I got a very interesting range of prezzies, starting with the Season 1-3 Box Set of acclaimed TV drama MAD MEN.  Secondly I got the Lee Evans autobiography which I hope to read at some stage.  Then there’s the official Ola Jordan calendar, signed by the famed Strictly Come Dancing star.   Also we have Peter Kay‘s Tour That Doesn’t Tour stand-up DVD, and  also got a very nice statue of a woman with not a great deal of clothing on – but very classy.  Lady Ga Ga‘s Latest CD Born This Way, and also  a small companion book exploring the Swedish horror Let The Right One In.  Oh and who can forget Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes on Blu-ray?  I also got several surprises, smellies and other bits and bobs.

Thankyou to everyone who got me prezzies and I really hope you all like what I got you.

Merry Christmas.  Ho Ho Ho.

I’ll give the final word to the character’s from comedy TV show Bo-Selecta …. propper crimbo!!!