New TV…

Well today I went ahead and ordered a new Television for our living room.  You can see the details below, but it’s my first Sony, it’s 42” and is a Smart TV with a full HD 1080p display.  Looks-wise it kicks all sorts of ass, and the reviews online are generally positive with a few awards for best TV, five stars etc … so should be great.  I am a little apprehensive as to how it will fit in with my Onkyo surround system, the centre speaker positioning to the front of the TV…but I suppose I’ll find that out when it’s all set up.  For now though I am quite excited and future movie viewing should be amazing!


Manufacturer:  Sony

Model:  Sony Bravia KDL42W705

Smart TV?  Yes

Wifi built in?  Yes

Full HD?  Yes

A full review of this TV can be found HERE.


I’m a sucker for steelbook releases on Blu-ray and there are some great looking ones on the horizon.  Two recently caught my eye:

silent hill steelbook

stoker steelbook

Both decent movies… I already have Stoker on Blu-ray in a basic keep-case, but tempted to double-dip.  Also the original Silent Hill was a great horror, and one of the few good videogame adaptations.

It will be mine, yes … it will be mine!

Guess what I have being installed on Saturay?  Yes that is right, the UK satelite service SKY in beautiful HD.  Now my world will open up to the wonders of obscure TV shows, bizarre channels, movies I’ve seen a dozen times, and repeats of old favourites.  But hey, at least I won’t be bored … hopefully.  Here in the UK we don’t quite have the luxury of cable television, at least not to the extent as in the States, although things have greatly improved in the digital age, where previously we had to just flick through (count them) five channels – we now have digital channels, cranking that number up dramtaticaly.  Yet Sky, which is a subscription service, offers even more choice.  Colour me excited!!

Return to Pandora

So here we have the Avatar Blu-ray, the home retail edition of probably the finest ‘event’ picture of last year.  James Cameron’s acclaimed epic may have been side-lined during the Oscars for more political pieces (ahem, Hurt Locker, ahem) but there can be no doubt – this was the most entertaining movie in the running.  Revisiting this fantasy sci-fi yarn returned just as much awe and majesty as when I saw it at the cinema, and even though the lure of 3D escapes me (I really don’t see the appeal) this visual orgasm of a movie still packs a heft punch.

On Blu-ray it is a showcase for the format, possibly the best I have seen High Definition deliver thus far, with amazing detail and the colours are so vibrant and immersive.  The imagination visible in the world of Pandora, not to mention the stellar image quality to also be found in the human, laboratory scenes, can not be faulted.  Sound-wise, in DTS HD Master Audio, this is a loud, all-encompassing experience.  Easily worthy of the highest recommendation.

The big gripe remains the complete lack of extra features – there isn’t even a trailer.  This is such an obvious double-dip waiting to happen (I hear a 4 disk ultimate edition is on the cards for November), and that really annoys me.  But if you don’t care quite so much about all that, and just want a Blu-ray that really delivers – then pick this up at your earliest convenience.  I got the exclusive steel-book with a book, art cards and a t-shirt, so I guess that makes me happy … enough.

My full review of Avatar, can be found HERE.