Halo: Reach – impressions

Although I’ve never been as die hard as some Halo fan boys (and gals), I did think Halo: Combat Evolved was one of the best shooters on the original XBOX.  Its control style and gameplay going on to revolutionise many modern day shooters.  Where would we be now without regenerating health?  For example.  Also the enemy A.I. was cutting edge at the time.

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Gaming wish list

As an avid gamer, some of my all time favourite game franchises always keep me coming back, but more often than not those things I wished they would include in their sequels often disappoint in the absence – so here’s my run down of the gaming sequels I would love to see… Continue reading

Whilst waiting for GTA4

Well until the great day arrives, with the imminent arrival of Grand Theft Auto 4, which is pretty much guaranteed to kick all sorts of ass, I am revisiting some games in my collection I’ve allowed to gather dust.  They are namely: 

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption 

Assassin’s Creed

between online bouts of Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4, oh and trying to progress in Zack & Wiki.

To be honest, I am mainly playing Zelda…which is a fine game and probably next to Super Mario Galaxy, a gem for the Wii right now.  It just pulls me in once I take the time to concentrate on its well polished but devious gameplay.  I also hope to progress a little further in Metroid also, as last time I played it, I recall getting well and truly stuck.  Grr. 

Assassin’s Creed on the other hand, despite superb graphics, just feels a bit boring – maybe I’ll trade it in, along with Rainbow Six Vegas (which I have completed) and perhaps Project Gotham Racing 4 – which just feels rather tiresome too…yes its pretty, but doesn’t grab me like Test Drive Unlimited did (and still does).

…roll on Grand Theft Auto 4 due out in the UK on 29 April 2008

The Gaming awards 2007

Based on the games I have played or read about this year, here’s my run down on what was hot and what wasn’t in 2007…

Most innovative gameSuper Paper Mario – for giving the series a kick up the arse, and offering some novel uses of the Wii’s control method.  Runner up:  Wii Sports

Biggest disappointment – Halo 3 – for being nothing that we haven’t seen in Halo 1, 2 or countless other games. 

Best Graphics / presentation –  Assassin’s Creed – for detail, animation and scope, despite gameplay being not so impressive.  Runner up:  Bioshock.

Biggest surprise –  Mass Effect being full of bugs – after numerous delays, this was unforgivable.

Hardware of the year – Nintendo Wii – for generally being the most reliable and the most vital to its games.  Both PS3 and 360 listen up!

Worth the hypeSuper Mario Galaxy – with high scores across the board, Nintendo deliver yet again.

Deal of the yearThe Orange Box – 5 games for the price of 1, and all stunning examples of their art.

Console of the yearXBOX 360 – for delivering some of the best games on any sytem.

Pls feel free to post your comments.

Halo 3 biggest game of all time?


(26/9/2007): News is flooding in that over-hyped XBOX 360 shooter Halo 3 is on course to make a killing, with a reported £86 million in pre-orders taken so far, beating even the latest Harry Potter Book, which took £83 million, and Spidy 3 which took £76 million.  Phew!  The games industry is surely looking to rival Hollywood these days.

The long-awaited sci-fi action game is the final part of developer Bungie’s acclaimed series and is the flagship title for the XBOX 360, promising to boost sales of the console world-wide.

UPDATE (27/09/2007):  Well firstly let me say, that I am overwhelmed by the effort Microsoft has put into making this all special and shiny.  Apart from celeb-filled launches here and in the U.S. , a Halo 3 themed 360, a blooming god-ugly Masterchief helmit as part of the ‘legendary edition’, Halo themed control pads, a fat metal case ‘limited edition’ which I have purchased, and also the bog-standard ‘standard edition’ with the ugliest cover art I have ever seen.  Begs the question, was this done on purpose, so to push punters towards the other releases?

All I keep thinking to myself is “it’s just a bloody game, for christ’s sake!!” – oh well, onto actually playing the damn thing…


Glossy, glossy, glossy – the production values of this game clearly out-weigh Halo 1 & 2 combined, and anyone who dares say this is just Halo 2 in HD is clearly missing something.  Ok, its not streets ahead – but it looks as good as it needs to while maintaining the Halo look.  Controls are as easy to get to grips with as ever, and vehicle handling is class as always – especially fun (so far) in multiplayer, where riding passenger whilst another human player drives is pure gaming bliss.  More soon.

 UPDATE: (14/10/2007):  Well am about three quaters way through the Campaign, and although I think this is fairly polished graphically and has absorbed me, it is also high in difficulty, where I even seem to run out of bullets – the odds increasingly stacked against me.  I am playing it on HEROIC as I heard that the standard difficulty was too easy – but put it this way, it took me about thirty attempts to get past a section near the beginning of the game!  This sort of stuff I expect towards the end!

Other than that I am finding the multiplayer very enjoyable – especially the way the matchmaking pits you against players of similar skill level.  I prefer Team Slayer so I get a chance at least to get some kills in, although I’m not too shabby at Lone Wolf.  As far as the maps go, I prefer the more closed in ones, as aposed to sniper-friendly wide open areas.  Then again, I have been known to get some good head shots in, and can achieve double-kills and killing sprees when in the zone.

So once again it seems Halo is best in multiplayer 😦 but the campaign is long enough and challenging enough (and pretty enough) to warrant my attention – until I get my hands on The Orange Box that is (see below).