Bottom Ten Movies 2020

So we’ve reached that time again. Below are ten movies I watched last year that I liked the least. Not all these movies are bad, but they all remain either disappointing or unremarkable. In descending order from average to awful…




Gemini Man


Hillbilly Elegy


Ready or Not




Motherless Brooklyn


Uncut Gems



I’m Thinking Of Ending Things


The Babysitter: Killer Queen

Hillbilly Elegy

Viewed – 28 November 2020 Netflix

A Yale law student on the brink of attending an important interview, gets pulled back to his Ohio family when his mother is rushed into hospital. As he attempts to help out at hone he finds himself reminiscing about significant events in his family’s history.

Family ties…

Directed by Ron Howard (Ransom, Apollo 13) and with a strong cast, this absorbing family drama boasts a stand out turn from Glen Close as a no-nonsense, tough talking Grandma, who has overseen her family through a number of dramas, mostly surrounding her drug addict daughter (played by Amy Adams – in another powerful turn).

The story is nothing that surprising however, and where it goes is predictable which can be forgiven as it’s based on a true story. Although, some scenes came off as a tad over-dramatic due to a lack of build up to key moments. However this has generally decent direction, complimented by often eye-catching cinematography. Add to this the memorable performances across the board … and I’d still say give this a watch.

Verdict: Good