Viewed – 05 January 2018  Netflix

This was one of those movies I kept hearing about, so I thought I’d finally get around to watching it.  This tells the simple story of freelance video guy Aaron (Patrick Kack-Brice) who accepts a job to film a mysterious guy, sort of a day-in-the-life type thing.  Problem is, Joseph (Mark Duplass)  is a bit strange.


The first half hour I must admit I was constantly thinking ‘what the f*** am I watching?’ and was tempted to switch it off.  However as the day progresses, and it dawns on the guy filming, that Joseph isn’t entirely the full shilling, the movie began to get a bit unnerving … leading to a very strong third act and an effective, if predictable ending.

I was only vaguely  taken with this.  It’s hard to sympathise with Aaron all that much considering how from the off dodgy Joseph comes across (film him taking a bath?).  Also, Joseph was simply annoying (those jump scares!) and mostly insufferable, meaning I’d have made an excuse to leave well before Aaron actually does.  However, the concept has a great deal of potential and like most ‘found footage’ type horrors it did get under my skin with the ‘feeling like I’m there’ vibe such movies can create.  So I may still check out the sequel

Verdict:  3 /5


Project Almanac

Viewed – 27 June 2015  Online rental

A gifted college student (Jonny Weston) stumbles upon his late father’s secret project in the basement of his house, and soon realises he has a time machine in his hands.  So with the help of his sister, his two friends and the hot girl, the group embark on a dangerous experiment.

Project Almanac

I have always loved time travel movies, harking back to my complete admiration of the Back to the Future series and other titles like Twelve Monkeys and The Terminator.  It’s a very intriguing concept every time, and this entry is no different.  Yet putting such technology in the hands of a bunch of kids is er, risky at best – but one’s a gifted science student, so that’s ok then …. you’d think.  You see for all the good intentions and the following of the rules (don’t change too much, be careful who you interact with) it’s soon all about going to parties they missed, acting carelessly and handling the life changing (world changing?) consequences afterwards.

Shot in that already tired hand-held found footage style, this was certainly fun and at times quite exciting.  Some of the effects when the gang jump through time are very good, and the little differences and alterations they cause are implemented well.  Sadly then the focus on these students and their annoying, rushed, arguing behaviour let’s down what is otherwise an often enjoyable little movie.  They are only marginally likeable and even the main character proves his own worst enemy.  Some of the time travel details are also difficult to get one’s head around, and the ending just confused me.

For a time bending, mind bending piece of entertainment, this remains worth a watch… but the concept has been done better, many times before.

Verdict:  2.5 /5