Viewed – 05 February 2014  Online rental

The biographical story of one of the world’s most infamous porn stars, made famous by starring in the biggest ever adult movie.  Linda Lovelace was the poster girl for a new sexual revolution, but behind the glamour was a woman trapped in an abusive marriage.


Starring the always enjoyable Amanda Seyfied (Mama Mia, Les Miserables) as the title star, this 70s set story of one woman’s brush with fame in a seedy, exploitative business was entertaining even if personally I had little knowledge of the real-life person being portrayed other than the legendary status of the movie ‘Deep Throat’.  Much has been documented and spoken about regarding that movie, along with the documentary ‘Inside Deep Throat’ which I never actually saw.  Yeah I’ll admit to seeing a few porn movies, what guy hasn’t and am a big fan of the movie Boogie Nights which explores the same industry and period.  Yet this is more a warts and all movie and shy’s away from much of the sex and titillation (bar some nudity) to focus on a woman clearly in with the wrong crowd, or more accurately the wrong man.  Co-starring an unrecognisable Sharon Stone as Lovelace’s strict mother and even James Franco appearing as Playboy millionaire Hugh Hefner – there’s certainly plenty going on here, and the acting is decent (especially Seyfried).  Yet at the end of the day it’s little more than an abusive relationship tale – playing it safe for the most part.  Sad definitely, but not really anything we haven’t seen on a dozen made-for-TV dramas.

The truth be told Deep Throat and it’s success were probably more fascinating than Linda Lovelace’s story, so perhaps check out the doc, and give this a miss … unless you have a particular interest in the person herself.

Verdict:  2.5 /5