X-Men: First Class

Viewed – 08 June 2011  Cinema

I didn’t get around to seeing the most recent X-Men movie, Last Stand, mostly due to poor reviews and a change of director from Brian Singer to Brett Ratner.  Yet the other night, I did manage to catch about half an hour of it on TV, and thought it looked pretty decent.  This was enough to re-educate me on all things mutant for this latest instalment.  Following the story of how Professor X and Magneto first came to know each other, Patrick Stewart is replaced by James McAvoy, and Michael Fassbender steps into the shoes of Ian McKellen.  Joining them is also a wealth of new mutants, and some familiar faces, including a young Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence instead of Rebecca Romijn).  Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughan also offers his considerable directing-chops this time around.

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