Viewed – 06 January 2020 Blu-ray

I’ve always appreciated the music of Elton John and consider several of his songs all-time classics. Following on from Bohemian Rhapsody this similarly tells the life story of one of the UK’s most iconic stars, this time with less of a tragic ending.

Told in a surreal musical style that takes those famous songs and matches them with key events in Elton’s life… this has Taron Egerton on amazing form, delivering all the nuance, emotion and flamboyance of the man himself whilst also singing all the songs as well. The musical approach is done very well even if at times I wished certain favourites were just delivered normally instead of other cast members stealing certain parts as way of delivering the story. Jamie Bell is very good as Elton’s writing partner Bernie, although Bryce Dallas Howard proves a bit forgettable as Elton’s disapproving mother.

The focus here is mostly Elton’s struggle to be accepted by his parents or find love. It’s occasionally a little overly stylish, and despite showcasing many famous songs, the omission of Candle In The Wind is puzzling. Yet this still delivers an occasionally moving, often eye-opening story with some seriously feel good moments, aided by a killer soundtrack.

Verdict: Recommended

The Lion King

Viewed – 20 November 2011  Blu-ray

Once upon a time, nobody could touch Disney for feature length animation.  In the early nineties, the house of mouse hit several home runs with Beauty And The Beast, Aladdin and this much celebrated classic.  For a long time, The Lion King was my all-time favourite animated movie.  The epic scale, the timeless songs, the beautiful animation, and the emotional, heartfelt storyline that surely means something to anyone who experiences it.  I haven’t seen the movie since the days of VHS, having missed its run on DVD.  So I suppose it was well overdue I check it out in glorious HD.

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