Wrong Turn

Viewed – 27 January 2008  DVD

This is an easy film to categorise.  It’s from the same blue print that bore witness to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes (especially the remakes), and we have a name actor in the lovely shape of Eliza Dushku.  So simply put, this is about good-looking people being stalked and slashed by Hillbilly inbreds whilst lost in deep south woodland.

So you can then expect, lots of running and screaming, people doing stupid things and some gruesome deaths (but not overly so).  Yet I was shocked to find this rather low-rent horror lacked much of the style evident in The Hills Have Eyes and the two recent Chainsaw remakes, and the bad guys are just one-note freaks with no room for personality (the film doesn’t even attempt to give a back story apart from news clipping in the opening credits), almost as if the makers are too aware at how unoriginal their idea is they don’t even try.  In the cast only Eliza Dushku is recognisable, and the rest are pointless fodder you can’t wait to see offed, but then even Dushku adds little personality to proceedings, despite her pretty looks – showing that any bit-part teen beauty could have played the role.

So those looking for some nasty horror, I recommend looking elsewhere as the aforementioned films and titles like Hostel offer much more for your money.

Verdict:  1 /5