Easy A

Viewed – 28 April 2011  Blu-ray

They say personality goes a long way, and when it comes to actress Emma Stone, that personality has meant for some of the most likable comedic performances of the last few years, from a supporting turn in The House Bunny, to a star-making role in Zombieland, and now this amiable teen comedy.  Stone plays Olive, a normal teenage girl who goes unnoticed by her fellow school friends.  Yet when a lie about a one night stand is spread throughout the school, she soon finds her social life enlivened and her popularity, especially with the male pupils sky-rocket.  Appealed by this new-found popularity, she chooses to keep the lie going by allowing social outcast guys to boast about having sex with her to boost their own standing, but as you can probably imagine, it’s not long before things spiral out of control.

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