Viewed – 09 July 2016  Netflix

I know why it has taken so long for me to get around to watching this.  Firstly for the most part much of the movies on Netflix are either seen it or pretty lame, bargain bin fair that I quickly regret clicking on.  However starring Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe in an against type role (does he really have a type though?) and with thoughts of his above average turn in Woman In Black … this has always been on my ‘to watch’ list.  The bizarre concept made me hesitant also.


Radcliffe stars as Iggy who we learn early on has been suspected of his long time girlfriend’s murder and whilst the cops try to build a case against him, he tries to prove his innocence.  One morning however he awakes to find a set of horns have sprouted devil-like from his head and suddenly the towns folks are confessing their deepest darkest secrets to him, whether he wants to hear them or not.

This rather unusual idea took a little bit of getting into but once I caught onto the somewhat tongue-in-cheek tone, I was thoroughly along for the ride.  It plays out like an extended Twilight Zone episode and certainly proves highly entertaining as we watch some outrageous behaviour from people drawn to Iggy as he gathers clues about the murder, interspersed with flashbacks that piece things together for the viewer at the same time.  It has a decidedly Stephen King vibe too, which is never a bad thing.  The whodunit may be a bit easy to guess, but with strong performances, especially from Radcliffe, some decent effects work, and stylish direction by Alexandre Aja (Piranha 3D) … I found this original, freaky and darkly funny which is often a great combination.  Recommended.

Verdict:  4 /5


Viewed – 28 September 2010  Cinema

I wouldn’t say I’m scared of elevators. although I’ve not really had much experience with them, but either way I can’t say I’d enjoy being stuck in one when it breaks down.  Let alone in a 40 story building.  This unique stab at supernatural horror finds five seemingly unrelated strangers stuck in an elevator, who soon attract the attention of the security who are able to see them via the camera.  Yet something is seriously not right about this particular elevator as strange things start to happen, people hallucinate and creepy faces are glimpsed on the Camera feed.

Now although this idea (based on a story by M Night Shyamalan)  seems wafer thin on paper, there is plenty of depth as we follow the plight of these people and the Cop who is called in to help, who’s nursing a few emotional wounds of his own.  As things go from bad to worse and it becomes evident that evil forces may be up to no good, I found myself gripped and quite freaked out at times.  Acting-wise the familiar but mostly unknown cast all deliver credible, convincing performances, and the situation never gets boring as you watch to find out what will happen next, and to whom.  Yet this all leads up to an ending that, without spoiling anything, left me feeling a bit let down, like the writers just lost their nerve in the closing moments.  A shame because otherwise this is a creepy, effective and clever little movie.

Verdict:  3 /5