Death Sentence

Viewed – 08 May 2008  DVD

Kevin Bacon is one of my favourite actors – a versatile former heart-throb (Footloose) turned often controversial character-actor (Sleepers, The Woodsman), although admittedly it’s his impressive thespian skills I applaud and not his choice of dodgy roles. So with this film, he really goes for the jugular.

Bacon plays a respected family man whose life is turned upside down after a tragedy (I wont spoil you with the details), and soon vengeance and retribution consume him as we are treated (if thats the right word) to a deeply stylish and very exciting, no-holds barred movie with plenty of bite.  Director James Wan follows up his impressive debut Saw with an equally dark and sinister jolt-to-the-spine with impressive camera work, plenty of dark and moody lighting and an atmosphere of pure dread that proves him the real talent behind the Saw franchise and not that Darren-guy who went on to ruin it all.  I will be very interested to see what he comes up with next!

My only gripe is more a matter of opinion, as some turn-of-events make you wonder if Bacon really would go to such extremes – yet this still grabbed me regardless.

Verdict: 4 /5