Ice Age

Viewed – 03 January 2011  DVD

I’ll admit it.  I can be a bit of a snob when it comes to some animated movies.  At one stage when considering CGI-based animated fair, if wasn’t by Pixar (Toy Story, Monsters Inc), I would turn my nose up.  Despicable Me proved me wrong however, and so … very late to this one, we have a movie set at the dawn of a very cold winter.

The first thing I noticed was how uninspiring the animation style was, with the characters and scenery all having a plastic-like look to them.  Not the best first impressions, but then the story, that of a Sloth, a Sabre Tooth Tiger and a Mammoth who find a human boy and choose to take him back to his tribe, gradually began to pull me in.  You see, the boy was taken from his tribe by his mother fleeing a Sabre Tooth Tiger attack, and when the Mammoth and co find him, the Sabre Tooth secretly plots to lead them into a trap.  The Sloth was the comedy fodder here, and the different perils the group faced during their journey were certainly entertaining.  Yet the movie’s gentle tone felt a touch too ‘safe’ for me, and it wasn’t exactly laugh-out-loud funny (unless you’re three).  The plot also was nothing particularly different, but I did like how things came together at the end, with some nice twists.

As part of an ongoing franchise, I liked the characters and setting enough to want to check out the sequels … so that can’t be bad.

Verdict:  2.5 /5

Tron Legacy

Viewed – 03 June 2011 Blu-ray

Apart from its unique look, I don’t really remember the 80s TRON all that much, so I was kind of stepping into this one blind, with only the very cool looking trailer as any real insight.  This has newcomer Garrett Hedlund as the rebellious Sam Flynn, share holder of a Microsoft-like corporation that was founded by Sam’s father (Jeff Bridges).  Yet one fateful night when Sam is only seven, Bridges’ Kevin Flynn vanishes and no word is heard from him until Sam receives a pager message from dad’s old arcade.  Turns out Bridges has been trapped in a computer-created world for all this time, and it’s not long before Sam comes to rescue him.

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