Home Entertainment Setup 2013

Thought I’d post a few pictures of my current home entertainment setup.  You’ll find various folks posting things like this or even doing Youtube videos, and I have often found it enjoyable to check out other people’s gear and how they have things laid out.  Feel free to post your comments and even link to your own setups if you have them anywhere as I would love to see what you fellow movie / tech lovers have to watch your stuff on…

Living Room Setup:  Samsung 40″ LED Television, Sky HD Satellite Service, Pioneer 3D Blu-ray player, Cambridge Audio Amplifier.

Bedroom Setup:  Samsung 26″ LCD, Samsung Laptop, Kindle Fire HD, Apple Ipod Nano.

Bedroom Setup (cont): Sony Playstation 3 Slim, Microsoft XBOX 360 Slim, Sony Audio Centre Amplifier, Toshiba DVD Player, Onkyo CD Player.

Home entertainment and movies, video-games, technology etc have always been a passion of mine and over the years I have built up a very acceptable setup, with access to services such as Netflix, XBOX Live, Sky and various movies and TV on-demand at my fingertips.  It all greatly adds to my viewing and gaming fun, and makes running this blog / website a real pleasure.

Note:  All images taken with the Sony Xperia SP.

New sound system

With the advent of Sky to my gradually growing home entertainment set-up, as well as adopting Blu-ray a while back, I felt it was well overdue that I go for a decent sound system to further compliment my (just over) year old Samsung 40″ LED television…

Here’s what I’ve gone for.  It enables me to hook up both the Sky HD box and my Panasonic Blu-ray player, for (hopefully) much improved sound.  Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10 Integrated Amplifer & Cambridge Audio S20 compact loud speakers.

Update (13/01/2012):  Well I have the system set up and connected to my LED Television, Sky HD and Blu-ray player.  Verdict?  Very nice indeed.  The Amplifier itself is of a very good build quality and weighs a fair amount, made from brushed aluminium, and the high-end workmanship is in no doubt.  The speakers are also very well made, heavy too and sound great.  The system itself is not overly bass-ey, if that’s a word, but has a nice natural feel, with depth to it that compliments viewing television well.  When viewing a movie (I tested it on an action sequence in Avatar) it impressed with a very immersive and surround-like experience, which I had trouble finding any fault with.  It’s still early days, but at the moment I am well happy.