Anniversary Top Ten

With the advent of this blog’s ten year anniversary, I thought it’d be fun to compile a Top Ten based on the end-of-year Top Tens for all ten years of this blog (2007-2016).  So below you’ll find what I consider to be the best movies I’ve seen that were released in the last ten years or thereabouts.  I’ve taken into consideration that certain movies I originally loved have aged better than others and that I’ve also grown to appreciate certain movies more since I originally saw them.

Ten best movies of Craig’s Movie Report

1.  Black Swan

2.  The Dark Knight

3.  Zodiac

4.  Gran Torino

5.  Let The Right One In

6.  Birdman

7.  Django Unchained

8.  The Martian

9.  Looper

10.  Pan’s Labyrinth

Craig’s Movie Report 10th Anniversary

10th Anniversary

Has it really been that long?  Today marks this blog’s 10th anniversary since my very first post.  I may not be all that popular compared to other blogs and I suppose my blog’s subjects are not that unique to grab a big audience, and well I don’t pay for advertisers to help boost my views either.  Yet I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy writing this bog, sharing my opinions and what’s going on in my life.  I hope whomever takes the time to read anything I post, takes something away from it, either interest for a movie they had been wanting to see, discovering a movie they may not have previously been aware of, or just enjoy my writing style and what I have to say.

A big thank you goes out to regular readers and subscribers for your continued support.  I may be a small-time blogger but I’m dedicated and I appreciate every comment and view and like that I receive.  Keep coming back and I’ll keep posting.  Don’t forget you can also find me on Twitter and Facebook (<<< click) which you can also find on the panel to your right >>>

Here’s to the next ten years!




Hey readers and even people who just stumble by this blog on their way to another one … I just reached 300 followers.  That makes me so happy!!  I love writing and I love sharing my opinion … so I’m sure you can imagine when there are people out there that actually take the time to read anything I post, it adds so much to my hobby I can hardly put it into words.  Thank you again to all those that have stuck with me since 2007 (jeez…) and those that only pass by once in a while, or to those new readers who may like something I’ve wrote.  You’re all valued and appreciated and I hope sincerely you stop by often.  I will continue to post reviews and opinions and look forward to your comments, likes and general interest.

Thanks again.


Japan Yogscast!

I thought I’d post this on here as I really enjoy the videos from Youtube gaming channel / group Yogscast, mostly the videos from Kim & Hannah.  See below four very interesting videos from Kim about her recent Japan holiday.  Some great footage here and as ever Kim is a wonderful host!  Visit her channel HERE

A few new things…

Just been having a think… this blog has been going since 2007.  Do we all like the current look and style?  It’s gone through a few themes and I think this latest one that I have kept for a while now, is nice, minimalist but effective.  Never want the look of the blog to overwhelm the actual content, which is the focus, so hope it’s to most people’s liking.  To give the blog a bit more of a personal touch, I’ve renamed it ‘Craig’s Movie Report‘.  Does that work?  I’d love to read your comments, advice, pointers on how to make this blog the best it can be, and will be looking to add a few things here, change things but only in a subtle way… polishing it you could say.

Well just wanted to say that for now.  Craig out.