Adding to the collection…

As I have mentioned on here a few times in the past, I love collecting Japanese statues, usually of the anime or comic book variety, and occasionally video game characters.  My latest purchase was quite unique … from the bishoujo range based on illustrations from famed Japanese artist Shunya Yamashita but this time is inspired by horror movies.  This one is based on the Freddy Vs Jason movie and possibly a comic book series, albeit with sexy females modelling themselves like the iconic horror characters.  I love it!


Adding to the collection

Have I ever told you guys I collect PVC statues?  Mostly of the Japanese anime and fantasy art style, female characters is various sexy poses with elaborate costumes and props.  In my experience some have looked on this collection as strange, but I think they are really cool.  I don’t particularly see them as sexual, but more a very appealing art-style that has made such things as Japanese Anime the phenomenon it has become.  Find below just a few pictures of some of my favourites in my collection, and feel free to post your thoughts.

Dark Elf