Home entertainment setup – bedroom

Thought I’d give you all a quick look at my current entertainment set up for playing games, watching movies etc. in my bedroom.  The set up consists of my Garbage ahem… ‘shrine’ with my photo with the band I got after seeing them in London a couple of months back, as well as my 32″ Sony LED TV, my Denon sound system, my Q-Acoustic Speakers, My Beats Solo 2 headphones, my PS4 and my Xbox One.  You’ll also find various Blu-rays dotted around, some Funko Pop characters from various movies and my anime statue collection.


Inspired by some videos on YouTube, I went ahead and got myself some LED lighting for the back of my bedroom TV and the underside of the shelves that house my PS4, Sony Receiver and Xbox One.  Here’s a pic…

DSC_0008 1DSC_0006 2

Pretty, huh?